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   Welcome to Jerry Maloney's Lee's Martial Arts,
where we make personal development our first priority.
We concentrate on mental, emotional, and physical

   Mental and emotional strength are first because
understanding and using these skills can usually avoid
the need for physical self-defense. Mental and emotional
self defense can be used on a daily basis to deal with
our negative thoughts and all of the negative feelings
that come from those thoughts.

   Our mental defense technique begins with
Preventive Defense. Always respect yourself and
others. Be aware of where you place your attention,
for what captures your attention controls your life.
Avoid uncontrolled thoughts of frustration, of fear,
or of anger. Defense and prevention starts with
controlling the mental level, controlling our thoughts,
and how we respond to our thoughts.

Through awareness and respect, we try to always
avoid the need to resort to physical defense. If we
focus on being aware of our actions, our thoughts,
our feelings, our words, and our tone of voice when
speaking to others, we can avoid most undesirable

   Using the same principles, we can set up our
desired consequences.

   Lee's Martial Arts is proud to train our students
in self-discipline and emotional maturity, to help
teach them respect, responsibility, the primary
use of martial arts for protection, and how to use
our strength to face life's challenges.

5 Principles

1.  Preventive Defense
2.  Awareness
3.  Understanding
4.  Self-Control
5.  Always Create
     Peace & Harmony
6.  Do No Harm
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